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OuV2 - The Original You,. Virtual Too.
OuV2? - The,. online virtual world community for the discerning human,. game.
Peoples Assembly you too!


Got yourself a Quaker HaT yet?

Well,. get yourself one,. or.. a half a dozen or so.

One for every day of the week while you are at iT.



DOMAIN BASED DOMAINING,. domainer!  - Get your Cafe On,. to a little ViDeo Music why dont ya ... .. . ?
MUSIC.. then,. more muSiC, and then.. MORE MUSIC!

and,. i DiD mention,. viDeos!


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Coffee, tea, Dry Roasted Me, i mean you, brew, its a YOU BREW, yer BREWED, hoT, HOT, HOT HOT HOT, ok,. not, ToO!

HosT your OWN.. online community, or a video library, or perhaps a DATABASE Search engine,. yourself!!